Sep. 21, 2016
Graduate students at the University of California, Merced, will benefit from extensive new research, funding and training opportunities, thanks to two National Science Foundation (NSF) grants totaling more than $3.25 million. Interdisciplinary groups of computational sciences researchers won...
Aug. 26, 2016
  Professor Jing Xu recently received an award from the NIH National Instititute of General Sciences to study the biophysics of cargo transport inside the cell.  Molecular motor-based transport underlies all eukaryotic cell function and organismal health; defects in transport have...
Jul. 27, 2016
One of the most stunning sights in Yosemite National Park has nothing to do with granite. It’s the night sky, Milky Way and all. But light pollution within the park can diminish that experience for visitors as well as change the circadian rhythms of flora and fauna. UC Merced...
May. 27, 2016
The following article is the main story in a six-piece package that appeared in the spring issue of UC Merced Magazine focusing on the research performed at UC Merced that relates to the brain. You can read the other stories, on consciousness, machine learning and artificial intelligence,...
May. 2, 2016
A proposal to conduct high-performance computing across science and engineering disciplines has won UC Merced and Professor Christine Isborn a research computing cluster that will be used for a variety of projects across campus. UC Merced professor Christine Isborn. Each year,...
Apr. 28, 2016
An interdisciplinary research team led by Physics Professor Ajay Gopinathan and Bioengineering Professor Victor Munoz have received a $5 million grant from the NSF CREST program to establish a Center for Cellular and Biomolecular Machines (CCBM) . CCBM's goal is to study how biological...
Nov. 24, 2015
Professor Linda Hirst, with the School of Natural Sciences, has been elected to the executive council of GSOFT, the new Topical Group on Soft Matter in the American Physical Society (APS), the world's largest organization of physicists.   “This is a big honor and is very...
Nov. 23, 2015
All of life is motion — whether it is molecules shuttling around within our cells or flocks of birds in the sky. Physics Professor Ajay Gopinathan, with the School of Natural Sciences, and the researchers in his lab are investigating the general principles governing such biological transport...
Nov. 16, 2015
  Two Physics graduate students, Melissa Ricketts and Benaz Colabewala have been named Dan David Solar Fellows through the University of California Advanced Solar Technologies Institute (UC Solar), headquartered at UC Merced.    The fellowship began in 2007...
Sep. 28, 2015
Professors Linda Hirst and Sayantani Ghosh are combining liquid crystals with nanoparticles such as gold and quantum dots to come up with a new platform that could have applications in fields such as optics and medicine. And the two new grants the School of Natural...


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