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Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

Enrique Guerrero

Enrique Guerrero
Professional Title: 
Graduate Student in the Strubbe Lab
Enrique Guerrero is a graduate student studying computational materials physics within the Strubbe Ab Initio Laboratory (SAIL) group. The computational methods used by SAIL include classical Monte Carlo, density functional theory (DFT), and GW-BSE (Bethe-Salpeter Equation). These methods are used to learn about the macroscopic properties of materials by studying the microscopic structure of the atoms and electrons. Enrique develops code to study amorphous silicon using classical Monte Carlo. This material is useful when paired with crystalline silicon to form a highly efficient solar cell -- Enrique is studying how to make this material more efficient. He also studies the layered material molybdenum disulphide. One of this materials many applications are as a solid lubricant. Wet lubricants like oil fail at low temperatures and pressures, whereas molybdenum disulphide does not. This makes it an important material for its application as a lubricant in space, where temperatures are near 0 K and pressures are near 0 atm.