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Careers in Physics

A physics degree emphasizes analytical and quantitative reasoning and prepares students well for a wide variety of careers including scientific research, engineering, information technology, education, and finance. Employers in almost any field put a high value on a physics degree. Graduates with a bachelor's degree in physics earn among the highest starting salaries of any college degree*.

To see where our recent physics majors went after their degree at UC Merced, please see the physics alumni database.

Undergraduate students at UC Merced have also have a rare opportunity to take part in cutting-edge scientific research with world-renowned research groups at a public university while they earn their degree to prepare them for careers in high tech fields such as solar energy, biophysics, nanotechnology, and materials science.

For more information, visit the American Physical Society careers website, Society of Physics Students careers info, or UC Merced Career Services

* Job and Salary statistics at American Physical Society.

Statistics on employment of new physics bachelors from American Institute of Physics: