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Department of Physics
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Department Chair: Ajay Gopinathan

Graduate Group Chair: Sayantani Ghosh

Undergraduate Lead: Carrie Menke



Graduate Affairs/Exec: Sayantani Ghosh, David Strubbe, Michael Scheibner

Undergraduate Affairs/Exec: Carrie Menke, Jing Xu, Chih-Chun Chien, Kevin Mitchell

Admissions & Recruitment: David Strubbe (chair), Kinjal Dasbiswas, Daniel Beller, Dustin Kleckner

Curriculum Committee: Carrie Menke, Ajay Gopinathan, Sayantani Ghosh, Jay Sharping

Program Review Committee: Ajay Gopinathan, Carrie Menke, Dustin Kleckner, Lin Tian



Academic Personnel: Linda Hirst

Prelim Coordinator: Bin Liu

Senior Thesis Coordinator: Jay Sharping

Awards and Fellowships Coordinator: Linda Hirst

Website and Publicity Coordinator: Daniel Beller

Colloquium Coordinator: Kinjal Dasbiswas

NSEC Rep: Linda Hirst

NSEC Chair: Kevin Mitchell

FAO: Ajay Gopinathan


Senate Committee Service

UGC: Jay Sharping (Chair)

CoR: Michael Scheibner(Chair)

CoC: Linda Hirst (Chair)

P&T: Lin Tian (Chair)

CAPRA: Kevin Mitchell