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Annual Committee Meetings

All students who are in their second year or more are required to have annual committee meetings. Please make sure to form your committee well in time (before the beginning of your second year) and to get your meetings scheduled and done.

Individual Development Plan (IDP): Once the student selects a PhD advisor, he/she will prepare an IDP ( with assistance from the advisor. This document will then be annually updated by the student and assessed by the doctoral/candidacy committee. It should be submitted to the committee in advance of the annual committee meeting.

The following links to an online Annual Committee Meeting form. This is required to be filled out by the Chair of the committee.  The online form once filled will be automatically emailed to the Graduate coordinator, the graduate division, the committee chair, the advisor, and the student.

Annual Committee Meeting Rubric

This template can be used for the committee to give more extensive feedback: Annual Committee Meeting Feedback Form