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Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

The ability to manipulate matter at the the atomic scale and its interactions with light have led to transformative advances in atomic, molecular and optical physics (AMO). UC Merced is building a strong research emphasis in AMO. Research areas include:

  • Photonic and electronic coupling for applications in quantum information (Ghosh, Scheibner),
  • theoretical nonlinear dynamics for atomic and molecular systems (Mitchell, Chien),
  • quantum optics and quantum information in nanoscale systems including superconducting quantum computing, semiconductor optics, and nanomechanics (Tian, Chien),
  • non-imaging optics (Winston),
  • laboratory research at the boundary between relativity and quantum mechanics (Chiao),
  • ultrafast laser systems and their applications (Sharping), and
  • use of optical traps to manipulate nature's nano-machines, molecular motors (Xu)