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Physics Colloquia and Other Department Events

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Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
1/19/2024 David Strubbe, UC Merced UC Merced Physics Department Doped two-dimensional materials: simulations of Raman spectroscopy, friction, and distorted phases
1/26/2024 Bin Liu, UC Merced UC Merced Physics Department Shape, wobble, and roll: manipulation of microscale transport through geometries and symmetries
2/2/2024 Inna Vishik, UC Davis Mehmet Baykara A ‘surface level’ view of Weyl semimetal materials
2/9/2024 Benjamin Idini, UC Santa Cruz Sarah Loebman From Icy Moons to Giant Planets: Exploring the Deep Structure of Solar System Worlds with Tidal Observations
2/16/2024 Eric Mjolsness, UC Irvine David Strubbe Physics (and Mathematics) for Machine Learning for Physics (and Biology)
2/23/2024 Arup Chakraborty, Departments of Chemical Engineering, Physics, & Chemistry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ajay Gopinathan Cosponsoring with Bioengineering The Evolution of Antibody Responses upon Repeated Vaccination
3/1/2024 Dustin Kleckner, UC Merced Linda Hirst The Shape of Soft Matter and Fluid Flows
3/15/2024 Sujit Dutta    
3/22/2024 Mark Stevens    
3/29/2024 Cesar Chavez Holiday    
4/5/2024 Indara Suarez    
4/12/2024 Houqiang Fu    
4/19/2024 Mikkel Herholdt Jensen    
4/26/2024 Padmini Rangamini    
5/3/2024 Senior Thesis    


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