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The information below is subject to changes. Please check SNS page for more up-to-date information.


 Faculty Support / Graduate Programs

Tom Martinez

Physics Department Manager

Arts and Computational Sciences (ACS), Room 225

Vanessa Lopez

Physics Department Coordinator

Arts and Computational Sciences (ACS), Room 226

Lolo Cardenas

Research Space Manager

Science and Engineering Building 1, Room 370

 Financial and Administrative Operations

Mirielle Smith

Director of Financial and Administrative Operations

Karina Villegas

Chief Administrative Officer

Vanessa Sanchez

Financial Analyst

 Instructional Labs

Donna Jaramillo-Fellin

Physical Sciences Lab Manager

Science and Engineering 1, Room 101

Kushal Shrestha

Physics Lab Coordinator

 Instruction and Curriculum Support

Shannon Adamson

Curriculum Manager

+1 (209) 228-4776

Vivian Saephan

Academic Resource Coordinator


Dora Lopes

Personnel Director

Josephine Vang

Senior Personnel Analyst

Melissa Cutter

Academic / Staff Personnel Analyst

Stephanie Lopez

Academic Personnel Specialist

 Research Support

Sarvani Chadalapaka

Director of Cyberinfrastructure and Research Technologies (CIRT)

Stacy Lima

Research Administrator

Science and Engineering Building 1, Room 356


 Undergraduate Student Services

Jenn Souza

Academic Advisor

Science and Engineering 1, Room 270

Vanessa Ortega

Student Support Services Assistant

+1 (209) 228-3469, +1 (209) 228-2455
Science and Engineering 1 Building, Room 270

 Other SNS Staff



Dean's Office Assistant

+1 (209) 228-4309

Science and Engineering 1 Building, Room 370

  Other School of Natural Sciences Staff