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Sayantani Ghosh

Professional Title: 
(209) 756-0655
Biomedical Sciences and Physics (BSP), Room 035
Research Interests: 

Professor Ghosh's research interests cover both traditional topics and emerging multi-disciplinary themes in condensed matter physics. Her group focuses on the physics of new materials and using ultra-fast opto-electronic techniques, develops methods and protocols to manipulate their properties for applications in energy storage and information processing devices.

The current research topics in her group include:

  • Cooperative Energy Transfer Dynamics in Self-assembled Nanostructured Materials
  • Directed Assembly of Metallic, Magnetic and Semiconducting Nanostructures Using Liquid Crystal Based Electro-optically Active Matrices
  • Hybrid Photovoltaic Devices Including Solar Cells and Luminescent Solar Concentrators
  • Exotic Magnetic Phases Originating From Geometric Frustration in Doped and Undoped Systems