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Quantum simulators gain high fidelity

A key issue in quantum computing is to efficiently prepare desired quantum states with high fidelity. Many-body states in strongly correlated systems can be highly entangled, unknown, and hence, are challenging to be prepared with high accuracy.  Writing in the NPJ Quantum Information (a journal of  the Nature publishing group), Prof. Lin Tian and collaborators  developed an approach to preparing the many-body ground states in a Jaynes-Cummings model with optimized nonlinear ramping. By controlling the ramping index and ramping trajectory, we found that the fidelity of the prepared ground states can remain close to unity in almost the entire parameter space. This approach can shed light on high-fidelity state preparation in quantum simulators and advance the implementation of quantum simulation with practical devices.   The co-first authors are Kang Cai (specialist) and UCM Physics graduate student Prabin Parajuli.