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Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

SLAAM seminars

The UC Merced Physics department and the CCBM are proud to bring to you a seminar series exclusively by postdocs from different institutions on Soft, Living, Active and Adaptive Matter (SLAAM) The series aims to promote inclusion by providing a forum for a diverse set of stellar speakers early in their careers and opportunities for faculty and graduate students to interact with them.  Unless otherwise noted, SLAAM seminars will be held every other Monday, starting at 9:00 AM Pacific Time (11 am CST, 12 noon EST). 

Each talk will be about 40 minutes with plenty of time for questions and discussion. The talks will be recorded with the speaker's consent and recordings of past talks can be found below on this page.


Everyone is welcome to attend! 
Please sign up at  this form  to be included in the mailing list where talk announcements and zoom passcodes will be sent. Postdocs should indicate their interest in presenting through this form.

UC Merced Physics Department and CCBM members and affiliates will receive announcements by default.

Faculty: Kinjal Dasbiswas, Daniel Beller, Ajay Gopinathan
Graduate students: Niranjan Sarpangala, Madhuvanthi Athani, Fereshteh Memarian


Spring 2021

Feb. 1st :  Katherine Copenhagen (Princeton University) [copenhagen_slaam.pdf]
                 Title: Topological defects promote layer formation in bacterial colonies [Recording]

Feb. 15th:  Salem Al Mosleh (Harvard University) [flyer]
                   Title: The finch beak: growth, form and function [Recording]

March 1st: Handuo Shi (Stanford University) [flyer]
                   Title:Chiral twisting in a bacterial cytoskeletal polymer affects filament size and orientation [Recording]


March 15th   APS (no seminar)


March 29th: Stewart Mallory (Caltech) [flyer]
                    Title: Phase Behavior and Self-Assembly of Active Colloids [Recording]


April 12th: Danilo B. Liarte (Cornell University) [flyer]
                   Title: Geometry, topology and soft matter: Emerging complex behavior of matter with disorder [Recording]


April  26th:  Alexandra Tayar (UC Santa Barbara) [flyer]
                     Title: Liquid-liquid phase separation out of equilibrium [Recording]

May 10th: Ritu Raman (MIT) [flyer]
                 Title: Light-degradable hydrogels as dynamic triggers for implantable devices [Recording]


May 24th:  Brian Chang (Clark University) [flyer]
                 Title: The life of a mucosalivary droplet: Lessons from synthetic breaths and sneezes [Recording]


Jun 7th :  Suraj Shankar (Harvard University) [flyer]
                 Title:  Flocking through complex environments [Recording]


Jun 21st: Tapomoy Bhattacharjee (Princeton University) [flyer]
                Title: 3D Printing Cellular Communities: Mammalian Cells, Bacteria, And Beyond

July 19th: Olga Shishkov (Colorado University Boulder)


Aug 2nd:


Aug 16th: Mehdi Molaei (University of Chicago)