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Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

UC Merced APS March Meeting 2020

Friday 6 March 2020

Two symposia to take the place of participation in the APS March Meeting, canceled due to COVID-19 concerns.

I. Soft Matter/Biophysics. Room: SSB 130.

Chairs: Fabian Schwarzendahl and Daniel Beller.
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9:00-9:12. Jeremias Gonzalez, B31.00005: Devising and characterizing a non-perturbative manipulator in 3D microfluidic channels,

9:12-9:24. Dominique Davenport, G29.00009: Transitions from conservative to non-conservative regimes in optical binding of colloidal matter,

9:24-9:36. Dustin Kleckner, G29.00010: What kinds of forces does optical binding produce?

9:36-9:48. Daniel Beller, M29.00007: Transformations Between Different Self-Organized Defect Arrays at the Nematic-Smectic A Phase Transition,

9:48-10:00. Imran Khan, W65.00010: Size tunable passive cloaking platform using self-assembled plasmonic nanostructures,

10:00-10:12. (Zoom) Alauna Wheeler, M29.00004: Nanoparticle Network embedded polymer films formed using liquid crystal transition templating,

10:12-10:24. Dimitrius Khaladj, D29.00006: Submerged micro-structures generate a soft boundary effect on active nematic flows,

10:24-10:36 Break.

10:36-10:48. Fabian Schwarzendahl, F23.00010: Percolation transition of pusher-type microswimmers,

10:48-11:00. Niranjan Sarpangala, U20.00005: Effect of membrane fluidity on the multi-motor transport of intracellular cargoes,

11:00-11:12. John Wilson, U20.00010: Cargo diffusion shortens single-kinesin runs at low viscous drag,

11:12-11:24. Devika Gireesan Sudha, M29.00005: One pot synthesis of hollow colloidal gel,

11:24-11:36. Madhuvanthi Athani, S31.00003: Modeling of the collective motion of microtubules with mobile kinesin motors,

11:36-11:48. Ritwika Vallomparambath PanikkasserySugasree, D20.00010: A Foraging Approach to Analyzing Infant and Caregiver Vocal Behavior,

II. Hard Condensed Matter. Room: COB2 140.

Chairs: Sriram Poyyapakkam Ramkumar and Bradford Barker.
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9:00-9:12. (Zoom). Mojdeh Banafsheh, F58.00006: Analytic inversion procedure for the exact non-additive kinetic potential functional Vnad,

9:12-9:24. Kuntal Talit, A63.00009: Stress effects on vibrational spectra of orthorhombic and tetragonal hybrid perovskites,

9:24-9:36. Enrique Guerrero, B45.00009: Computational generation of voids in a-Si and a-Si:H by cavitation at low density,

9:36-9:48. Bradford Barker, D65.00012: The Spin-Flip Bethe-Salpeter Equation approach, and applications to molecular magnets and defects in solids for quantum information,

9:48-10:00. Albert DiBenedetto, F63.00012: Electrohydrodynamically Assisted Deposition of organo-metallic hybrid perovskite thin films for Photovoltaics applications,

10:00-10:12. Rijan Karkee, G57.00003: Structural studies of Ni-doped MoS2 monolayers and polytypes using density functional theory (DFT),

10:12-10:24. Break.

10:24-11:00. (Zoom) David Strubbe (invited), J39.00001: Ground and excited states of open-shell system from a spin-flip Bethe-Salpeter approach,

11:00-11:12. Bishal Parajuli, A46.00005: Magnon spectrum in Ferromagnet-Superconductor heterostructure,

11:12-11:24. Sriram Poyyapakkam Ramkumar, R64.00013: Octahedral rotations in Ruddlesden-Popper layered perovskites under pressure from first principles,

11:24-11:36. Palak Dugar, U65.00008 : Photon circulation in photonic structures integrated with quantum dots - a consequence of multi-path geometry,

Note: must be done and depart by 11:45 due to CITRIS event starting then.


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