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Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

Electronic Structure Workshop: making videos

Amy Young, a media communications specialist who works with Prof. David Ceperley and helped organize the Electronic Structure Workshop last year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has volunteered to help some poster presenters with making a short video about their research, for our virtual Electronic Structure Workshop. The idea is described below.

If you are interested in working with Amy, indicate this in the registration form, and register as soon as you can to give time for this process.

Create a "V-Poster" Presentation

With more conferences online, you might want to create a "v-poster," a video-version of a poster presentation.

A. The goal:

a 2-minute video version of you, presenting your research. Why so short? 1) Because viewing behavior strongly indicates that people will stop watching often at the 2-minute mark. So you want to aim for a complete story before they leave. 2) It's much more work to create shorter (as everybody from Cicero to Mark Twain has said) but it's good practice to edit your words and thoughts so concisely.

B. Materials and tools needed:

  • research you're performing and want to talk about (any stage of the process)

  • 5 images, or ideas of images, from your research

  • a device to capture video and sound. This could be your phone, your tablet, a camera and mic for your laptop, etc.

  • a quiet place to record

Note: you don't need to have a poster, paper, or preprint to start with, but if you have it, it's a good place to start.

C. What we'll do together:

Step 1: Please tell me a bit about your research, before we meet. Here's a Google Docs template to use and email back to me.

Step 2: I'll interview you about your research. From this interview, we'll create a short script that you feel comfortable speaking.

Step 3: You record yourself with your phone, while I record you with Skype/Zoom. Having someone to listen to you is often a big help when talking about your work. Upload your footage to Box, and I'll do a quick edit for you. The images you have about your research will be used in this step.

Step 4: We'll go over tools used to create the video, so you'll know how to revise as desired.

A short article by Amy about making videos: