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Physics Colloquia

  Unless otherwise noted, Physics Colloquia are held every Friday, starting at 10:45 AM. (Refreshments available from 10:30 AM.)

2019 Fall Semester
Location: COB2 140

Jorge G. Moreno Soto (Pomona College)
Galaxy Encounters: From the Interstellar Medium to the Cosmic Web
(Astrophysics simulation)
Host: Kinjal Dasbiswas
[Video Link]

Samuel Safran (Weizmann Institute)
Nonlinear Dynamics of Spontaneously Beating Heart Cells
(Soft/Bio theory)
Host: Kinjal Dasbiswas

Tzu-Ming Lu (Sandia National Lab)
SiGe-based Quantum Electronic Devices
(Condensed Matter experiment)
Host: Michael Scheibner
[Video Link]

Mehran Kardar (MIT)
Force From Non-Equilibrium Fluctuations in QED and Active Matter
(Soft/Statistical Physics Theory)
Host: Daniel Beller
[Video Link]

Ettore Vitali (CSU Fresno)
Computational Physics: Computers as Virtual Laboratories to Study Quantum Systems
(Condensed Matter Theory)
Host: David Strubbe
[Video Link]

Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz (UCSC)
Cosmic Alchemy in the Era of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
(Astrophysics Theory)
Host: Ajay Gopinathan

Chih-Chun Chien (UC Merced)
Surprises in Transport of Particles and Energy
(Condensed Matter Theory)
Host: Kinjal Dasbiswas

Tugrul Senger (İzmir Institute of Technology)
(Condensed Matter Theory)
Host: Mehmet Baykara


Mark O. Robbins (Johns Hopkins University)
(Condensed Matter Theory)
Host: Mehmet Baykara

Julio Barreiro (UC San Diego)
(AMO/Condensed Matter Experiment)
Host: Chih-Chun Chien



Abdullah Chaudhary (McGill University)
(Biophysics Experiment)
Host: Jing Xu

Alexander Levine (UCLA)
(Soft/Bio Theory)
Host: Kinjal Dasbiswas


2019 Spring Semester
Location: COB2 170

January 25
Kinjal Dasbiswas (UC Merced)
         [Video Recording]
Ned Wingreen (Princeton University)  
QSB seminar that maybe of interest to physicists:
“Magic Numbers in Protein Phase Transitions”
1:30 - 2:45pm, Student Service Building (SSB), Room 130
February 1
Vernita Gordon (UT Austin)
 Host: Kinjal Dasbiswas
February 8
Daniel Beller (UC Merced, soft matter theory)
February 15
Eva Silverstein (Stanford, string theory/cosmology)
           Host: Ajay Gopinathan
February 22
No colloquium (Grad Visits)
March 1
Anna Mercedes-Nirenberg (JPL, astrophysics)
           Host: Ajay Gopinathan
March 8
No colloquium (APS March meeting)
March 15
Jun Allard (UC Irvine, biophysics theory/math)
           Host: Jing Xu
March 22
Udo Schwarz (Yale, materials science) 
April 5
Jessica Kirkpatrick (KoBold Metals, data science in industry)
Astrophysicist to Data Scientist
           Host: David Strubbe
April 12
Robert Jorstad (Alan Hancock, science outreach)
Service Learning in Physics
           Host: Jing Xu
April 19
Ahmet Yildiz (UC Berkeley, biophysics)
           Host: Jing Xu
April 26
William Irvine (U. Chicago, soft matter)
           Host: Dustin Kleckner
May 3
Lulu Qian (Caltech, biophysics)
           Host:  Tao Ye
May 10
Undergraduate Thesis presentations
          Host:  Jay Sharping

2018 Fall Semester
Location: COB2 170

August 24
David Quint (UCM NSF CREST)
          [Host: Jing Xu]
August 31
Florian Berger (Rockefeller)
          [Host: Jing Xu]
September 7
Leily Kiani (LLNL): 
          Optical fiber technologies for commercial and high energy physics applications.
          [Host: Jay Sharping]
September 14
Erik Luijten (Northwestern) 
          [Host: Linda Hirst]
September 21 
Zvonimir Dogic (UCSB)
          [Host: Linda Hirst]
September 28 
Tammy Ma (LLNL):
          [Host: Sai Ghosh]
October 5 
Ryan McGorty (University of San Diego)  
          [Host: Arvind Gopinath]
October 12 
Vincenzo Vitelli (UChicago)  
          Topological Soft Matter 
          [Link to Video]
          [Host: Ajay Gopinathan]
October 19 
Hakeem Oluseyi (NASA Science Mission Directorate, Washington DC)   
          Hacking the Stars
          Time: 10:30am - 12 noon, refreshments at 10:15am
          Location: COB2 140
          [Host: Jennifer Lu]
October 26 
Natasha Batalha (UC Santa Cruz)
          [Link to Video]
          [Host: Ajay Gopinathan]
November 2 
Andrew Wetzel (UC Davis)  
          [Link to Video]
          [Host: David Strubbe]
November 9 
Keith Brown (Boston University)   
          [Host: Mehmet Baykara]
November 16 
Elena Koslover (UCSD)   
          [Host: Ajay Gopinathan]
November 30 
Justin Burton (Emory)
          Link to Video
          [Host: Dustin Kleckner]
December 7 
No Colloquium



2018 Spring Semester
Location: SSB 120

2018 Spring Semester: SSB 120

January 19
James Palko (UC Merced)
          Understanding and Optimizing Energy and Mass Transport in Porous Materials for Energy, Water, and Thermal Management Applications
          [Host: David Strubbe]

January 26
Venkatt Ayyaswamy (UC Merced)
          The Exciting Future of Microplasma: Role of Computations

February 2
Babak Sanii (Claremont College)
          Engineering Self-Assembly at Micro and Macro Scales
          [Host: Anand Subramaniam]

February 9
Alex Noy  (UC Merced/LLNL)
          Molecular Transport and Nanoscale Confinement in Carbon Nanotube Porins

February 16
Victor Muñoz (UC Merced) 
          Probing the Mechanical Unfolding of Single Protein Molecules at High Resolution

February 23
Robin Selinger (Kent State) 
          Modeling Liquid Crystal Elastomers: From Auto-origami to Light-driven Autonomous Soft Robotics
          [Host:  Linda Hirst]

March 2
Jennifer Lu (UC Merced)
          A New Class of Submolecular Switches Based on Conformational Changes
          [Host: David Strubbe]

March 9
Barbara Jacak (UC Berkeley and LBNL)
          Strongly Coupled QCD Matter 
          [Host: Kevin Mitchel]

March 16
Linda Strubbe (Univ of British Columbia)
          Teaching Scientific Thinking in Canada, West Africa, and Central Asia
          [Host: David Strubbe]

April 6
Joshua Casara (UC Merced)
          Effects of Strain on the Optical Properties of Quantum Dot Molecules
          [Host: Michael Scheibner]

April 13
Arvind Gopinath (UC Merced) 
          Active Thermodynamics in Bacterial Swarms

April 20
Eric Dunham (Stanford)
          Physics of Earthquakes and Tsunamis
          [Host: Jing Xu]

April 27
L. Mahadevan (Harvard)
          Wisdom of Hives and Mounds: Collective Problem Solving by Super-organisms
          [Host: Ajay Gopinathan]

May 4
Undergraduate Thesis Presentations
          [Organizer: Lin Tian]

2017 Fall semester: COB 263

2017 Spring semester

2016 Fall semester

2016 Spring semester

2015 Fall semester

  • 08/28 Alex Noy (UC Merced) --- Chien
  • 09/04 Francois Blanchette (UC Merced) --- Mitchell
  • 09/11 Vivek Shenoy (UPenn) --- Gopinathan
  • 09/18 Cecilia Leal (UIUC) ---Hirst
  • 09/25 Erwin Frey (LMU Munich) --- Gopinathan
  • 10/02 Fred Cooper (Santa Fe Institute) ---Chien
  • 10/09 Prof Liang-Chy Chien (Kent State) ---Hirst
  • 10/16 Richard Packard (UC Berkeley) --- Chien
  • 10/23 Mohammad Mofrad (UC Berkeley) ---Gopinathan
  • 10/30 --- No colloquium
  • 11/06 Prashant Nagpal (CU Boulder) --- Ghosh
  • 11/13 Tao Ye (UC Merced) --- Chien
  • 11/20 Joshua Shaevitz (Princeton) --- Gopinathan
  • 11/27 Thanksgiving holiday --- No colloquium
  • 12/04 Hernan Garcia (UC Berkeley)--- Gopinathan
  • 12/11 Undergraduate presentation

2015 Spring semester

  • 01/23 Nick Ouellette (Yale) --- Mitchell
  • 01/30 Michael Scheibner (UC Merced)
  • 02/06 Bin Liu (UC Merced) 
  • 02/13 Rajiv Singh (UC Davis) --- Gopinathan
  • 02/20 Michael Covin (UC Merced) 
  • 02/27 Anand Bala Subramaniam (UC Merced) 
  • 03/06 APS March Meeting --- No colloquium
  • 03/13 Cheo Park (NASA) --- Sharping
  • 03/20 Siyuan Han (U. Kansas) --- Lin
  • 03/27 Holiday --- No colloquium
  • 04/03 Jinghua Guo (LBNL) ---- Ghosh
  • 04/10 Michael Zwolak (NIST) --- Chien
  • 04/17 Omar Saleh (UCSB) --- Gopinathan
  • 04/24 Oscar Murrillo (NASA) ---  Sharping
  • 05/01 Orlando Guzman --- Ghosh
  • 05/08 Undergraduate presentations --- Sharping/Menke

2014 Fall semester

  • 08/29 Roland Winston (UC Merced) 
  • 09/05 Chen-Yen Lai (UC Merced) --- Chien
  • 09/12 Victor Munoz (UC Merced)
  • 09/19 Jian-Xin Zhu (Los Alamos National Lab) --- Chien
  • 09/26 Giacomo Vacca (Kinetic River Corp) --- Sharping
  • 10/03 Peter Fischer (LBNL/UC Santa Cruz) --- Ghosh
  • 10/10 Robin Selinger (Kent Sate) --- Hirst
  • 10/17 Graduate student presentation --- Chien
  • 10/24 Massimiliano Di Ventra (UC San Diego) --- Chien
  • 10/31 Tom Solomon (Bucknell University) --- Mitchell
  • 11/07 Jim Franson (UMBC) -- Sharping
  • 11/14 Chen-Lung Hung (Caltech/Purdue) --- Chien
  • 11/21 Suckjoon Kim (UCSD) - Gopinathan
  • 11/28 Thanksgiving holiday
  • 12/05 Senior Thesis presentations --- Senior Thesis coordinator
  • 12/12 Kerwyn Huang (Stanford) - Gopinathan
  • 12/19 Final exams (No colloquium)